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Publicado el 04/11,2013

The wedding is the most shining moment of all the girls look forward to, crystal jewelry, bright smile, natural and ultimately gorgeous clothes matched. It is because this beautiful mind and brides are beginning to favor Wealthy white tone dress sense. So, somewhat light-colored fabrics, such as silk, crepe and even synthetic silk material became the choice of most people.

But the wedding dress is usually a piece of Broderie Robe De Mariée is the lowest utilization In addition to the exaggerated style, sense of form is emphasized on the wedding, often beautiful brides ignore the texture of the clothes.
Admittedly dazzling wedding, but not so comfortable to wear really ignore the feelings of the skin in order to achieve the purpose of shining, this really is the choice can not be reconciled?

Because from the beginning of this century, all human life details are becoming increasingly comfortable and natural pursuit of the material of the clothes also return to the most simple cotton, and even the most luxurious sense of ritual wedding dress designer.

In fact, this direction is precisely to meet the trend of regression of the concept, because in 1796, Josephine De Boya is wearing a full waist cotton dress to marry the great Napoleon Bonaparte. In the sixties and seventies of the last century when cotton fabric has also become the material of choice for hippies and wealthy family of the bride.

So, today, has a lot of fashion designers cotton as they specialize in the object, they the bride tati robe de mariee for each grade level, the diversity of the design reflects the diversity of the customers, as well as more and more people pay attention to the trend of their own comfort needs.

The character trait Today's brides are no longer like a traditional wedding, they prefer to highlight their personality, their own ease of mind from morning to night. That cotton material perhaps just to meet the demand. Take denim, it is a symbol of freshness, purity, across centuries of tradition and pioneering spirit, whether tactile or visual feel with unlimited freedom and individuality.

The denim fashion future bride emphasis on individuality and expressiveness of the twenty-first century is in need of such fabrics to reflect their spirit. Chinese bride cheongsam dress is the most fit and cotton material, although silk texture look more noble, but the comfort and flexibility somewhat more fragile.

Added new technology materials cotton fabric can be made not only fitting cheongsam can evolve into a Robes de Mariée à moins de 180€, and even sexy mermaid tight fitted. Then with dazzling diamond decoration, between this out of a dark personality and beautiful completely take care of to.

Cotton fabric as other wedding materials do not have to worry about like that can change a variety of forms, from the hot-spirited bohemian, a garden ceremony services to law-abiding, and even Chinese short cheongsam everything.


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