Published on 12/11,2011


Influence of technology


As we all know, in recent years the technology has had a huge breakthrough, and is transforming many fields in which we humans develop. This technology has great influence in relation to the workplace, business, education and communication. That's why our society is undergoing major changes as a result of the different skills and tools acquired through devices such as computers or cell phones. These devices provide us with a myriad of resources that allow us to change ways of thinking. However, it is very important to note that these inventions were made for humans to work less and rest more, but it seems that many people work more and rest less. So we have to think that technology is a major element in our lives and can bring benefits or harm.


            Because of the evolutions of the use of computers, work environment has had some changes. For instance, many companies are demanding some knowledge concerning use of computers from their employees. Consequently, knowing how to use the different programs or resources presented on internet has become a requirement. Also, some other factories may substitute personnel by computers which it means bosses don´t need to hire a lot of employees since they can create and sell different products as a result of the management of different digital resources.


            Another field that has been affected is commercialization. This is a very broad aspect in which many business people are getting benefits and are taking advantage of this decade in which cell phones and computers are sold in huge amounts. Therefore, we can find too many stores to buy a laptop or a modern black berry. Also, there are many ciber cafes everywhere because these people know the necessity people have to access to information and manage new concepts is really big.  Consequently, a big percentage of people may be buying updated equipment or cell phones and, perhaps, that could be a need they have. On the contrary, there may be some persons who get these products even though they don´t need it.


            It´s also very important to mention how education has had a meaningful transformation with the growing of technology. Nowadays, many schools are using these digital resources in order to create a better environment in classrooms and to have more motivating ways to teach. Nevertheless, it´s necessary to teach students how to look for good resources on internet and how to set objectives when using social nets, websites, and data bases, etc. If neither parents nor teachers do this, many students may be exposed to some damage such as extortion, cyber bullying, addiction and so on. On the other hand, concerning the use of cell phones, many educational institutions have prohibited to enter schools carrying one of them because they may be distracters for children and teenagers in their learning process.


The use of computers and cell phones has had a huge impact on the way we communicate through social nets like Facebook and Twitter. This has created another way to send and receive messages in our country or around the world. Now, it´s very easy to write to a relative, a friend, a classmate, etc. That´s why, the information flows more quickly everywhere, and it can be more efficient. However, there are some other negative consequences. These consequences can be getting a poor ability to write good texts, losing the habit of reading, getting health problems and becoming addicts to social nets. For instance, many messages presented on Facebook lack of good spelling or good use of grammar. Sometimes, it is difficult to understand what people want to say. Furthermore, a chain of effects is created. If a person becomes addict, he or she may suffer from some problems in his or her eyes or in some other parts of the body.

  In summary, what we can say is that technology such as computers and cell phones bring some advantages and some disadvantages to our lives which can mean either a problem or a progress for our society. These effects can be shown in economy, education, work and communication. So, we have to think what consequent our lives can experiment when using these tools.                


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